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How much of the gift card purchase goes to local merchants?

100%.  Each merchant has their own page where the transaction takes place. does not take any percentage or "cut" of the money.  

Is a Non-Profit?

Not exactly.  This project is a joint effort by Clear Launch, Notley Ventures, and Sabot Development leveraging Square infrastructure to support our local businesses.  There is no cost to merchants but we're not an official non-profit.

How can I purchase gift cards from multiple merchants?

We suspect that many of you will want to support multiple local businesses, and that makes us very happy!  In order for each merchant to receive 100% of the proceeds, we've set up each gift card purchase as a separate page owned by the merchants.  As such, you will need to checkout separately with each merchant.    

How do I receive my gift cards?  

You will receive an email from after each purchase which contains a link to your gift card.  When you are ready to redeem the gift card, please present the merchant with your gift card email and they will apply it to your purchase.  

Can I share my gift card with friends and loved ones?

Of course, just forward the email and you're all set.  Whoever has the emailed gift card will be able to redeem it.

How do I check my balance?

In your email there is a link to view your card online along with the balance. 

How do I redeem my gift card?

When you are ready to redeem the gift card, please present the merchant with your gift card email (or the code number written in the email) and they will apply it to your purchase.  

How do refunds or cancellations work?

You must contact the merchant directly as each merchant may have different terms and policies.  All transactions happen on the merchants sub-site so doesn't have access to your gift card or your transaction.

What happens if the business goes under?

That's exactly why we've created this site, to keep businesses stable and viable in a time of crisis.  Ultimately whatever happens with these gift cards is up to the specific merchant you are purchasing from, but by showing your support now you're part of the solution.

How do I register my local business to sell gift cards through

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How can I support the team managing the LocalSupportCard website?

We are accepting donations to help cover the cost of the effort to onboard local businesses and assist them with the process of selling gift cards online. 

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